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Iron Man 3 Is About…

Latino Review says

Hey Readers, Marvelites, Generally Curious Folk,

It’s me, Da7e, the resident guy in charge of nerd ass comic news here with one of my favorite topics: Marvel Studios and what they plan to do in the future.

The reporting team at has really outdone ourselves in the excitement factor here, we’re pretty sure we know what Iron Man 3 is about and – in a curious twist of fate – a hint can be found in the first trailer for The Avengers. Yes, I’m serious, someone edited in a character defining moment as a laugh line.

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Crazay3385d ago

I'm really hoping they bring in an awesome enemy for this one.

DarkBlood3385d ago

you think they will change the suit again? and sorry lol this is like the 3rd reply to u

Defectiv3_Detectiv33385d ago

Yeah, so far all of the Iron Man villians haven't been very good, but the mere prospect of Shane Black doing a superhero film gives me a tingling sensation in my nether regions. Shane effing Black! He could be doing Aquaman for all I care.

Soldierone3385d ago

Would personally like to see more development to Warmachine. Also lets actually give this one a good story, and not just the same build to one epic battle like the second one.

alycakes3384d ago

Yeah...I'm hoping the story is ultra good with a really good villian....hopefully one I haven't seen before.

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