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First & Only Sneak Peek For Next Week's The Walking Dead "Beside The Dying Fire"

CBM says

Following the shocking events in tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, we see a larger and more terrifying threat emerge in the first and only preview scene for next week's episode.

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Crazay3387d ago

Last nights episode was pretty sweet. Looks to me like the shit is hitting the fan and we're finally going to meet either, Michonne or The Gov. I also think we're going to finally see the next location they move to and call home.

Soldierone3386d ago

They won't get that far. It will be like "we got away, we lost people, now we need to go find something else" and they will end it there.

Then next season will start and we will get 3 episodes of them searching, and 2 of those episodes will be them "grieving" over the

Crazay3386d ago

so jaded for someone so young dude.

Soldierone3386d ago

I like it, I'm excited, and can't wait for this episode. However I am also mad. There is so much going on in this episode that could have been going on for the past 3 episodes....I mean come on how slow do you need to go? This has so many exploits that will never be seen because it has to all be done in one episode...


Instead we get a snorefest and eventual death of Dale, and then a good moving episode with Shane, and now all hell breaks loose FINALLY but only in one episode....

Personally this slow as hell season shouldn't have come until they got to the safe point that are in the comics, the small little town.

alycakes3386d ago

I think you're going to get all your excitement on this last episode. Maybe it will last until the next season starts. I'm thinking not everyone is going to make it out of that farmhouse.....right?

Soldierone3385d ago

Yeah, supposedly. I have no doubt this last episode will be awesome, my point is though that it could have been uncompressed into several awesome episodes. I mean that whole episode with Dale was pretty slow and boring....

StarWarsFan3385d ago

Cool. I wish the season wasn't ending already.

aDDicteD3383d ago

cant wait for the next episode