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Best Horror Movies Review: The Walking Dead - “Better Angels”

Best Horror Movies says:

The Walking Dead ‘Better Angels’ gets underway with a makeshift funeral service for Dale in which Rick shares some words of wisdom, and acknowledges the impact he had on the group. Unfortunately, it’s an incredibly brief sequence; I say unfortunate because it’s effectively emotional, and really, Dale deserved a few more moments. We immediately segue into a dose of delegation from Rick, who’s taken full on responsibility for the group, much to the chagrin of Shane.

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Soldierone3385d ago

This episode was absolutely fantastic. There were a few flaws with it though, and I think those flaws could have been avoided if they were not moving so slow with the rest of the season. I wish more episode were this fast paced and this intense.

Best-Horror-Movies3385d ago

I agree, I was very surprised so much happened in one episode. Normally that would have taken 3-4 episodes to happen. From the look at the preview the finale is going to be just as action packed.

Crazay3385d ago

Not only was this episode amazing but they didn't stray too far from how thta event played out in the comic. I kinda wish they had done it the way Kirkman intended it to be though.

Best-Horror-Movies3385d ago

I wonder if we will ever find out how people become zombies in The Walking Dead, is it a virus that is airborne or something entirely different.

I'm thinking it's something different much more in the vein of NIght of The Living Dead or Dawn of the Dead where it just happens dead people become zombies, no bite, virus, blood or scratch needed. Once you die you become a zombie and the only way to be set free is a blow to the head.

Kirkman has said he is paying tribute to George Romero through The Walking Dead.

Soldierone3385d ago

I think we will get an idea in the next episode since we know we will finally know what was said at the CDC. The only problem with that is in the comics a guy noted it was airborne, some scientist told him, but was later found out to be a lie.

I don't believe the comics ever explain the cause of it all. I'd love to know what zombie zero was.

Crazay3385d ago

I'm pretty sure that Kirkman has gone on record as saying that we'll never know because noone knows.

Blink_443385d ago

Hope Karl dies in the next episode.

Crazay3385d ago ShowReplies(1)
Crazay3385d ago

Fantastic book dude. I'm still waiting on compendium 2

horrorfreak13385d ago

I agree that the kid is annoying as hell. Jeeze...

aDDicteD3382d ago

it was a very nice episode, the action and twist just keeps on going, cant wait for the season finale