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Kristen Stewart Shares New 'Snow White & The Huntsman' Details

The Twilight actress shares some new background information on her version of Snow White in Universal's upcoming film Snow White and The Huntsman.

"Her mother and her father were killed basically right in front of her."In the latest issue of SFX Magazine there is a new Snow White and the Huntsman article. In the article Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth open up a bit about the film. Kristen makes it clear that this retelling of the Snow White fairy tale is extremely dark and won't skip over the tragic moments in the character's life.

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alycakes3385d ago

This is the Snow White movie I want to see not the Mirror Mirror. I think that this one will be more entertaining and exciting. I really don't want to see Snow White,the Comedy.

Soldierone3385d ago

Was shaking my head at both of them. I want to see one that is darker and more griddy. However this one lost me at "Kristen Stewart" ...

StarWarsFan3384d ago

It looks better than Mirror Mirror, so it has that going for it.