30 Overlooked Movies of the 1990s

Max Urai wrote:

"I was very pleasantly surprised with all the lovely reactions my list of Not the Best Movies of the 2000′s received (although, in a nice mirror image of the article itself, it also had a hater: “you have terrible taste” – Jason, AM). So I decided to give it what every successful thing receives these days: a prequel."

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MinimeJer052600d ago

I absolutely adore The Iron Giant.

Bathyj2600d ago

What kind of name is Hogarth Hughs?

CanadianTurtle2600d ago

Dude, how did the Iron Giant become overlooked? Its a shame because its such an amazing movie.

r212600d ago

the title on the source site perplexes me. anyways, i loved iron giant! i am honestly surprised why most people my age havent watched it yet.they missed a great childhood film.

FlashXIII2600d ago

Blair Witch was overlooked? That was getting crazy attention back when it came out.. I'd go as far as saying it's one of the most disappointing horror films I've ever seen.

Soldierone2600d ago

I'd have to disagree with Blair Witch. It was popular when it released, it still has lasting effects, and every handheld camera movie gets compared to it almost immidiatly.

I love The Iron Giant though, always thought about making it live action becuase I get so many ideas.

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