Robocop Gets A Release Date

The Jose Padhila helmed reboot now has a release date! So, when will RoboCop (played by Joel Kinnaman) return to the big screen? August 9th, 2013.

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DarkBlood2600d ago

wow thats gonna be a long wait

Crazay2600d ago

Not really - it's only next year man. We've been waiting even longer for Superman

DarkBlood2600d ago

thats true forgot about my fav dc hero movie coming out around that time lol

Crazay2600d ago

That sir, has been a hellishly long wait.

DarkBlood2600d ago

dont forget "the wolverine" pretty much my fav marvel beside magneto coming out at around the same time or probably may considering marvel movie releases

aDDicteD2597d ago

great news. i enjoyed robocop and im sure with the technology now they can easily surpass the old one, but they must make sure that the film has heart and not rely much on visual effects. if done right they can make a pretty awesome movie and sequels will surely follow.