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Shock Till You Drop Review: The Cabin in the Woods

Attempting to review a film that has this many twists and pleasant surprises is an unenviable task. So, allow Shock to be as succinct as the site can without giving a whole lot of plot details from the anticipated The Cabin in the Woods (opening April 13th) which may make this review quite short and vague.

Horror has seen its fair share of films which have attempted, for better or for worse, to deconstruct the genre on either a narrative or technical level.

The Cabin in the Woods trumps them all and is, hands-down, one of the smartest horror movies Shock has seen in years.

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JL3388d ago

Nice review. I've been wondering about this one. It had the potential to be either original, smart and great or wind up being cheesy and gimmicky. Definitely seeming like it may land in former category from what I've been hearing out of SXSW.