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Why Some Wrestlers Envy The Rock's Hollywood Success

With The Rock set to headline this year’s WrestleMania 28, some WWE Superstars have been very vocal about his involvement and feel he should just stay in Hollywood. Here are some of the reasons why they have been so bitter about his return.

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Soldierone3387d ago

I understand the hate from the "I work hard and pay to be here and he doesn't" point of view, but the overall concept is a good thing. people have stopped watching WWE, The Rock is a HUGE star, he will bring fans back, thus all these people keep their jobs...

I don't understand why the WWE can't even pay to have their stars though, thats pretty stupid. I also don't understand why he is going back to WWE, he has 4 films right now, and separated himself from "The Rock" to Dwayne Johnson, and now he is going back? If its not because he loves WWE and wants to save it, then I see no point. However I have to admit he was one of the few reasons I ever had an interest at all in WWE.

xVeZx3386d ago

"always remember where you came from"
-that dude over there with the face yeah him

aDDicteD3386d ago

wwe wrestlers dont need to envy the rock and to be jealous of his success as well as earning his main event ppv like on wrestlemania 28 cause those wrestlers where not in the rocks league to begin with, although there are a handful of those who has talents still he was one of those few wrestlers who is charismatic and talented enough to get both success in the ring and in movies.

Soldierone3386d ago

Thats true too. Another thing I wanted to say is isn't this what they all want to do? They are all nothing but actors anyways, he just took it to the next level and succeeded....

tarbis3386d ago

The problem with wrestlers now and then is they're afraid to voice their concern about their characters.
Rock, StoneCold, HHH, HBK, Edge, Undertaker and many others. These guys made their own personality and stick with it to the core. These guys are not afraid to tell Mr. McMahon that they want to experiment with something else rather than follow creative team's ideas blindly. Guys like John Cena is one of those. He was great being the trash talking rapper, but then was ruined after his Marine movie and became the fruity pebbles nice guy.
Those jealous wrestlers should not envy Rock's success but need to step up their game. It's not because of PG era that is making the WWE crappy. Hulk Hogan's era was PG era but was not as crappy as today's. Wrestlers and the creative team should work together to put on a better show, not one dictate while the other follow.

As for Rock's success with Hollywood. He did say he wants to try all kinds of acting. Yes, that includes wearing that atrocious toothfairy costume. He's showing that he is flexible in any role he is given.

Elvis3386d ago


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