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'Person of Interest' Hits Ratings High, 'Awake' Slips

EW Inside TV:
What a nifty slow-growth hit Person of Interest turned out to be.

The J.J. Abrams’-produced crime series launched this fall to fairly decent debut. Then it slipped into the ratings doldrums. In the past couple months, however, the show has seemed to find its legs, even as most shows on Thursday nights have slipped. Last night POI, aided by a repeat of Big Bang Theory as a lead-in instead of Rob, drew 15.8 million viewers and a 3.4 rating in the adult demo — all-time highs in both metrics. (And, yes, a Big Bang repeat does better than a Rob original). ABC being in repeats helped too.

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alycakes3391d ago

I'm so glad because this is one of the best new shows and I say one of because I really like The Finder too. I always have to record it to watch it later but they're moving it to Fridays so hopefully I won't have to do that anymore unless it shows when Supernatural is on.

MorningStar3390d ago

I really hope POI gets a second season. It is the best show imo this year. Great cast, great writing and great directing. I love the different characters and some like Fasco who you think is a douche at the start in a few episodes back when he is about to die you really feel warmed to him now. The Elias story line is really interesting and the actor who plays him plays him very well. I just think this show could and should go on for a good few more years. Too many pilot shows get canceled before their time... chicago code...

alycakes3390d ago

I think they already have ordered another season.

xVeZx3390d ago

i think im gonna start a fan of ben linus

alycakes3390d ago

You'll really like the show. It's got a little bit of everything. If you can, try to watch the first few episodes online so you can know what's going on and how it all got started.

xVeZx3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

duh lol jk...if its definitely gonna get a second season then ill start watching...i hate getting into a show only for it to get canceled..

i just saw the first episode of was free on psn so i was like what the hell...good show....idk how they can drag that on though...i think it would have been a better movie...after just the first episode i just wanna know how it ends lol...

alycakes3388d ago

I think you're right Awake would have made a good movie...I can see that. I'm wondering where they are going with his story.

Person of Interest is just fine the way it is. It's so good and I like every character in it. They couldn't have found any other actors better to play their parts.