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A Sequel To Mission Impossible 4 Looks Likely

In an annual shareholders meeting, CEO of Viacom Phillipe Dauman hinted that another film in the action series would be likely.
During the meeting, he was asked whether or not a sequel had any development plans, to which he simply replied: “oh yes”.

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Soldierone3387d ago

I think its a bit too obvious it will come. not only did the last one do rather well in box office, Tom Cruise was happy with it as it got him out of a 'slump" so he obviously would want to do more.

JL3387d ago

I had a big discussion on this earlier. I don't think Ghost Protocol really got Cruise out of his "slump". I think it's very misleading as an indicator on Cruise's career. I think the reason Ghost Protocol did so well was more about the franchise name rather than Tom Cruise getting his appeal back as a box office draw. In that sense, it was more of a fluke so to speak. Something made apparent by Knight and Day the year before, and probably will be further proven by Rock of Ages and One Shot.

Soldierone3387d ago

Thats the thing though. The name on it will sell, and if Tom Cruise goes with it, then shouldn't that rub off on him in some way?

I think overall he is just picking bad movies. Knight and Day was okay, but it wasn't amazing, and thats his issue. Ghost Protocol was rather good though.

Personally still like him acting though and wouldn't mind seeing something cool come again.

JL3387d ago

I don't think it will rub off on him in that sense. I think he's past that appeal that he used to have. I like him and all, but I think he's past his prime.

Here's how I see it: ever since the whole "Tom Cruise has gone crazy" fiasco, public appeal for him has waned. People are sort of put off by him. I don't see him shaking that stigma. It's only further solidified/justified by him putting out mediocre/crappy movies. Sure he can still have some big successes (ie Mission: Impossible), but I don't ever see him getting back to that point where people are like "Awesome, a new Tom Cruise movie, I have to see it!" like it used to be.

aDDicteD3378d ago

after a very successful mission impossible 4, a 5th one is inevitable.