Who Is Bruce Willis' G.I. Joe Colton

We talk to Retaliation's cast and crew about the original Joe!

Most of us who were raised on the Joe comics, cartoons and toys that started in the '80s and continue today know "G.I. Joe" as the eponymous organization that Duke, Hawk, Scarlett, Snake Eyes and the rest belong to. But now, G.I. Joe: Retaliation looks to reunite those heroes with their namesake: the original Joe... Joe Colton, who is played by none other than Bruce Willis in the upcoming film.

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alycakes3383d ago

It's a neat idea and I didn't get that much into the G.I. Joe comics when I was a brothers were more into the superman, spiderman, batman, and outside that it was usually Sgt Rock and Easy Co.

Now I get to learn all about this as if it was all new and I like it so far.