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Tom Hardy To Star In '60s Biker Pic For WB

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Well, that didn't take long. Just one day after Tom Hardy inked a first-look deal over at Warner Bros., he's signed up for a new movie with the studio.

Hardy will take the lead and produce an untitled biker pic penned by Mark L. Smith ("Vacancy," "The Hole") that takes place in the '60s, about California's most violent biker club, but is apparently based on an original idea from producer John Linson, but apparently has nothing to do with the Hell's Angels. Or at least that's what the announcement in Variety would have you believe. Maybe there is legal hoola hoops in using that name, or perhaps the concept from the "Sons Of Anarchy" producer really is novel, but it's a bit odd the biker group isn't mentioned at all

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alycakes3393d ago

I think Tom Hardy can pull off just about anything he sets his mind to. This should be interesting. I'm not really into the subject matter but with him in and if the story is written well...then it can't go wrong with him in it.

JL3392d ago

I think he'd do good in a role like this. Could be a nice little change of pace for him too, something a bit different. It's funny, too, because I've thought before that he could make for a nice character on SOA.