CinemaBlend's 6 Favorite Movie Curses

CB says

In this weekend's A Thousand Words, Eddie Murphy is suffering the kind of fate that happens so often to movie characters: he's been cursed. It's one of the handiest and most common plot devices in movies that absolutely never happens in real life, and yet for some reason it never gets old watching a movie character cope with circumstances that seem absolutely insane. Sure it happens most often in fairy tales, but there are plenty of other characters who, like Eddie Murphy, find themselves coping with an old-fashioned curse in the modern day. Below are six of our favorite movie curses, from eternal sleep to eternal damnation to hell. See, you've gotta be careful about getting in the way of a curse-- you never know what kind of punishment you'll get.

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It's probably one of the few lists you will see a Disney princess movie right next to Drag me to