Elle Fanning In Talks To Star Opposite Angelina Jolie In 'Maleficent'

Expectations are high for the Robert Stromberg directed inversion of the Sleeping Beauty tale Maleficent. And why not? The long Broadway run of Wicked - to say nothing of massive book sales - proved that there's a huge audience for these sorts of post-modern fairy tale deconstructions when handled well and with Angelina Jolie on board as the evil Maleficent the film will certainly not lack for star power.

The big remaining question has been who will playing the other half of this equation? Sleeping Beauty herself?

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alycakes2602d ago

She is such a cool young actor and she will really be a good addition to this movie. I think she was great in Super 8 and I knew she would continue to make good movies.

aDDicteD2595d ago

angelina jolie fits perfectly for the role of maleficient, she has a commanding screen presence and her voice is similar to the classic disney villain.