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UK Trailer For The Man From Nowhere

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Directed by Jeong-beom Lee (Cruel Winter Blues), this new Korean action thriller finally reaches UK shores after a wave of box office and critical success abroad and we have the new UK trailer to share with you.

The Man From Nowhere quickly became a box office success in Korea in 2010, with over 6 million admissions, and it went on to win a number of awards in technical categories and for the the lead performances of Bin Won and Sae-ron Kim.

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alycakes3807d ago

This trailer is really good. It reminds me of Kill Bill and the revenge fighting she did all over the place.

sjaakiejj3806d ago

Is it in Korean or is it English spoken? I'd like to give this one a try, as it appears to be some of the best foreign acting I've seen yet.

alycakes3806d ago

I'm not sure but I'm going to look it up since it's going to be on dvd.