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New Images From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series

CBM says

Check out a few new promo shots from Nickelodeon's upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, featuring Shredder, Splinter, April O'Neil and many more.

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DarkBlood3388d ago

thats ummmmm cool turtles i think? NOT

what kind of freaking budget are they working with this is like degrading the graphics of the animated movie of which i never personally seen till i someday get that pizzabox blu-ray set with all 4 movies in it

speaking of turtles all this does is make me want the live action one to come out sooner

JL3387d ago

Yes it does look horrible. Very horrible. That's just bad. I only just realized this is being done by Nickelodeon too. So not really sure I expect anything good from them in regards to this.

Crazay3387d ago

Have you ever read the original graphic novels? They were awesome and so violent. I'd love to see them make it with the people who made TMNT into the cash cow it once was in mind.

Soldierone3387d ago

Violent? Like super violent? Or action packed kids show violent? I've honestly never pictured the turtles as anything majorly violent lol If it is I have to read it.

krazykombatant3387d ago

why must these companies shit on cartoons from my childhood??

sjaakiejj3387d ago

Splinter and especially April are the worst designs out of these. I'd better hope the episodes are better, though I'd avoid this new series anyway. Keep with the old cartoon.

Deadpool6163387d ago

As a kid who grew up with Ninja Turtles, I didn't expect them to get worse as time went by. They were on the right track with the 2003 Turtles. Some aspects of it wasn't perfect, but it was getting closer to what it needed to be. But now it's like they're not even trying.

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