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Twilight Trailer to Debut Exclusively In Theater With 'The Hunger Games'

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Fans wanting to see the teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 online will have to wait until the Monday after The Hunger Games is released, as the trailer will first exclusively debut in theaters with the anticipated Lionsgate film.

The studio announced today that a preview of the teaser trailer will come online at around 3:00am PT/6:00am ET on Tuesday, March 20th, so stay tuned for that. The full teaser will then become available on Monday, March 26th at around 3:00am PT/6:00am ET.

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alycakes3392d ago

I'm sure all those Twilight fans will be excited about this. I myself will just be excited to be there for The Hunger Games. We've been waiting so long for this movie to finally be here that I can't wait. I know I'm seeing it that day....I don't care how, where, or even if it has to be alone...since my hubby can't seem to take off from work...but I'm seeing it. Then I'll see it again.

Soldierone3392d ago

We are seeing the movie, I was going to say we will just skip the trailers but we are secret shoppers and have to do theater checks for this movie....ugh...that means we have to go see what trailers play before the movie at specific theaters lol

I'm tempted to put "crappy twilight trailer" :P

alycakes3392d ago

How did you get into being a secret shopper? Do you do all shopping or just movies because if it's just movies that would be great but I hate to shop so I wouldn't like anything else.

Soldierone3392d ago

I can PM you to see if it is in your area. It isn't anything cool, its just a way to make money since I can't find a job lol (this is basically like 2 hours of work and we only get 10 bucks)

This is the first theater thing, we dont get to watch the movie, we just watch the trailers then leave. Other ones are like restocking promotion displays, or making sure stores are actually displaying them correctly, or simply making sure the employees are doing their job lol

aDDicteD3385d ago

nice, looking forward on that trailer