Blood, Snot & Tears: Elizabeth Olsen Talks Making The Horror Pic 'Silent House'

The Playlist:
Had Elizabeth Olsen shot the purportedly one-take horror film "Silent House" as her first movie, she says she would have been scared off making films altogether. "I made a joke to my agent, 'If this was the first film I had ever done, I don't know if I could have done one again,'" Olsen told The Playlist. "It was too difficult -- too draining and exhausting!" Luckily for the up-and-coming actress, she already had "Liberal Arts" and "Martha Marcy May Marlene" under her belt, so she knew that the unusual way "Silent House" was shot -- "like doing a play, but over and over and over again" -- was not the norm. Now she shares with The Playlist some of the secrets behind the making of this psychological thriller.

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alycakes2597d ago

I had to read this interview when I read the title. It was good. I guess it would be very hard to do a movie like this. I know it would take a lot out of you to have to be so emotional thru so much of the film making.