Kiefer Sutherland Talks 24: The Movie, Turning Down Batman and His New Show ‘Touch’

ON The Box:
Wouldn’t it be terrible if I just died right here?” says Kiefer Sutherland as he settles himself after a coughing fit in the screening room of Millbank Tower. “At least the show would be a massive hit – for about a week!” he jokes.

We’ve just been treated to the first UK viewing of Touch, Fox’s new drama which will be coming to Sky One later this month. After ten years of playing a no nonsense terrorist hunter with a penchant for the word ‘Damnit’, the last thing we expected was to see him dive back into another large-scale TV series, but apparently he was as surprised to find himself involved as anyone.

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alycakes2600d ago

The pilot to his new show was really great and I hope it continues to deliver good stories like that so it stays on the air for a while.

I'm also glad they're going to do the 24 movie because they did leave us hanging on where does he go from here on that last season of 24 just like every season. Everyone was basically left okay but Jack Bauer was not and we never knew what was going to become of him so maybe the movie will bring some closure to his character.

Soldierone2600d ago

I didn't even realize this, I simply lost interest after the first season, but my dad kept watching it and noticed it. Almost every season of 24 has the same exact thing happen. His daughter is kidnapped, or someone he knows, and then something like a bomb is about to go off. It was so recycled in every way lol I lost ALL interest mid second season so I don't know if they happened to fix it or what.

I think it will be fine for a movie, but we all probably already know what the premise is haha

StarWarsFan2600d ago

I'm glad they didn't jump into using Robin in the first movie.

contra1572599d ago

A 24movie could be intresting

alycakes2599d ago

I liked it and it did get more interesting as the years went on. The last 2 or 3 seasons were really better than the beginning. It changed a lot after he was taken by the Chinese and the CTU was attacked.

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