PaleyFest: 5 'Sons of Anarchy' Revelations From Kurt Sutter

THR Live Feed:
The hit FX show's creator dropped some hints about season five, and shared his thoughts on a possible prequel.

For being a panel about a murderous motorcycle club, the Sons of Anarchy PaleyFest event was packed with a surprising amount of laughter. Probably because the show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, and cast that attended seem to genuinely love the hit FX series -- which will start shooting its fifth season in May -- and each other.

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alycakes2597d ago

I do like this show but I am beginning to get a little upset with it too. I want there to be something right done for a change....maybe this will be the season or maybe it will all go to hell but I might be able to watch another season....

JL2596d ago

Something right?

I love this series. I didn't get into it until recently. But when I did, I was hooked. I actually sat and watched all 4 seasons in a two week span, at one point I did like 12hrs straight of SOA. I think the series is absolutely great. As far as drama series on right now, this one comes second only to Walking Dead for me.

alycakes2595d ago

I know...and it's good and I get hooked but they keep making me mad because Clay keeps getting away with everything and no one has the balls to do anything about it and be done with it. They almost had it done this last time and once again somebody talks them out of it.