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New Trailer For Norwegian Teen Sex Drama Turn Me On, Dammit

Bleeding Cool says

I can’t express how difficult it was to come up with a non-exploitative headline for this story. The fact is, it’s difficult to sum up the plot of Turn Me On, Dammit! without at some point using the words “horny teenage girl”.

Turn Me On, Dammit! is a Norwegian drama-comedy about a 15 year-old girl called Alma (Helene Bergsholm) who spends her days fantasising about one thing, and one thing only. It proposes the notion that teenage boys and teenage girls actually share mutual interests, despite the misconceptions perpetuated in popular media that reinforce outdated ideals of female adolescents as mysterious creatures with little in common with their male counterparts.

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Crazay3392d ago

Well that certainly is something of a ...controversial(?) ...subject matter the movie does look like it may be pretty good.

StarWarsFan3391d ago

That's a terrible trailer.