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LRA: Detachment - Digital Download Review

LRA writes: These High School/Teacher dramas are not what I would call a favorite genre of mine. But they also aren't my least favorite either. They fall somewhere between sports dramas (being at the low end of the spectrum) and romantic dramas (being at the high end). Just like those sports films though, even my own indifference in them cannot discount the fact that there have been a great many films featuring the student/teacher relationship and how the power of a single person's belief in the potential of others that have been written off can prove to be a winning formula. My personal favorites include Stand & Deliver, Lean On Me and even the more violent (and slightly absurd) offering of a film like 187. I can't help but get swept up in the idea of a group of delinquents rising to the challenge and proving all the naysayers wrong by doing what everyone told them they could never do, which is to succeed. Well, guess what? That is not what Detachment is about despite the somewhat misleading trailer. What is it about exactly? I will tell you.

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