Venom Movie: How to Please Fans

IGN - Sony hasn't even released the first entry in their rebooted Spider-Man movie franchise yet, and already there's talk about a solo film for another popular Spidey character. In case you missed the news yesterday, Chronicle director Josh Trank is in negotiations with Sony to direct a Venom movie. This isn't the first time the possibility of a Venom spinoff has been brought up, but it could wind up being the time it finally comes too fruition.

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DarkBlood2599d ago

if they are going to do a venom movie i think its best done with adult peter parker for anyone who doesnt know im talking about that animation or cartoon movie *whatever you call it* of the venom

which i thought was what spiderman 3 copied from with the whole church thing n all

Soldierone2598d ago

i think in order to do Venom "correctly" it needs to collaborate with Spider-Man, aka not happen anytime soon. Let Spider-man get that far, then introduce the symbiote. From there create Venom, but give him his own movie. it will need to have a lot of creativity and freedom of story to be good, which is something hollywood has been struggling with.

We don't need a direct adaptation, and i hope they see that.

StarWarsFan2598d ago

I'd rather just see Venom developed in the Spider-Man movies than in his own movie.

aDDicteD2596d ago

i dont think that venom can stand on its own to make a movie, just look at catwoman.