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Great Debate: Is Eddie Murphy's Comeback Still Possible?

CB - Just four months ago, a comeback for Eddie Murphy seemed not just possible, but likely. He was co-starring opposite Ben Stiller in Tower Heist, the first movie he'd made in years that got anything from critics but outright disdain, and he was set to host the Oscars, a chance to return to his stand-up roots and remind millions of people how funny he could still be. But that all fell apart with astonishing speed, when Tower Heist disappointed at the box office and Murphy bailed on the Oscar gig after Brett Ratner was fired as a producer.

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alycakes3388d ago

I don't know if he's back but sometimes he's funny. I liked him in Tower Heist.

Soldierone3388d ago

I honestly thought that was his brother this whole time lol

Soldierone3388d ago

I think his comeback should be through animation. I don't see why this crew (and a lot of others) don't respect animation as a film. "he hasn't made a film in years" yet he has been making bank off Shrek....

Honestly he has a good voice for certain characters in cartoons and could do it well. As for making a live action movie he needs to be the main character again, he deserves that right, but needs to find a script and production crew that are good. Lets face it Tower Heist was made by people for the same people to make a quick buck, and nothing more.

alycakes3388d ago

He was good in the Shrek movies. I really think you're right though. He does need to get something where he's the lead. I also think he can do drama when he wants to but it would take a different type of script all together.

Soldierone3387d ago

he used to be really good at going from serious to funny, or by being funny while still being taken seriously.

I think this all comes down to writing and the production though. I mean tower heist 'it was all yelling that made it funny' well that is a script issue. imagine if he didn't yell, it wouldn't be funny. he took something not very funny, and made you actually laugh.

Look at his passed movies you love. They have good stories, good dialogue, and he turns it all up another notch. you give him a sub par script, with sub par production, and he will be average at best. But at the end of the day it is him choosing these movies so he is to blame just as much.