Did Amazon Exec Give Away Its TV Production Plan?

Deadline says

It seems so: Yesterday LA-based exec Joe Lewis — a former director of production at 20th Century Fox and former executive at Comedy Central’s series Tosh.0 – briefly changed his LinkedIn profile citing his occupation as “Vice-President of Original Television at Amazon,” Fortune magazine says. Good thing the publication nabbed a screen shot. Lewis changed his title to “Vice President, Production at Amazon Studios” shortly after a reporter called to ask what’s up. The apparent slip is interesting because Amazon hasn’t formally said that it plans to produce its own shows. But it’s no surprise: Amazon recently advertised to hire someone to oversee original productions, web site GigaOm reported last month.

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Crazay2599d ago

Considering how much they do with/for upcoming writers with their monthly contests, it's not all that surprising that they may take a stab at a venture like this. Maybe this is where they plan to get some of their ideas from.

Soldierone2598d ago

Id love to take part in it. It's obvious the owners of Amazon see entertainment like this the next step for them. If it is successful i think minor little "games" will be an even further step, and since they have tablets now it could help them boost sales there too.

Crazay2598d ago

It'd be a really easy way to deliver the content to users netflix style for sure.