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Willem Dafoe Talks Wearing Stilts & Working With Taylor Kitsch In Disney's Blockbuster 'John Carter'

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At this point in his career, Willem Dafoe has the luxury of doing the films he wants to do. The actor’s tastes generally stray towards indie, but he’s unafraid of the mega-blockbuster when he does venture from his comfort zone. It’s hard to imagine Dafoe wasn’t offered other “big” films after his acclaimed turn as the Green Goblin in “Spider-Man,” but for the most part, following the superhero franchise, the actor reverted back to his roots of smaller scale filmmaking. But this spring finds him back at the multiplex in Disney’s “John Carter.” “I’m always happy to make a movie no matter what the size of it that looks like it’s got a pedigree and has a chance of being beautiful,” Dafoe tells The Playlist during a recent interview in Carefree, Arizona.

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alycakes3390d ago

I knew Dafoe was in this movie but I didn't know which role he was playing. I was really surprised. The makeup work is really very good.

alycakes3389d ago

It was a good interview. I like Dafoe a lot. I hope the movie The Hunter isn't a limited release like a lot of movies. I know he filmed it in some other country but it looks really good and I'd like to see it too.

StarWarsFan3388d ago

Willem Dafoe rocks in these unique character roles.