Video of Superbad Table-Read Provides Reminder to Re-Watch Superbad

Collider says

2007′s Superbad was a huge launching point for everyone involved (except for poor Martha MacIsaac even though she was quite good in the film). Now, a table-read for the film has landed online. Looking back at over six-minutes of the actors reading the script, I’m instantly reminded of how sweet, funny, and filthy the film is. Some of the jokes in the table read are different, particularly the stuff between Evan (Michael Cera) and Becca (MacIsaac). Also, “Becca” was originally called “Helen”, and her Becca’s friend “Gabby” was originally named “Becca.” Clearly, these minor changes will make you rethink the entire film (it will also make you want to watch Superbad immediately).

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