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New Men In Black 3 Promo Banners And Official Stills

CBM says

Check out three new stills from the upcoming movie, featuring Will Smith, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones. We also have a few never before seen promo banners and images.

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Crazay3390d ago

I don't think they could have cast a young Agent K any better than they did with Josh Brolin. Can't wait to see this movie.

alycakes3389d ago

Me too but I hope that Tommy Lee Jones is in it a little more than just in the beginning. I hope they do some flash forwards and flash backs. The previews lead you to believe that he's only in the movie at the beginning of the film.

Crazay3389d ago

I think his role is pretty small in this one.

StarWarsFan3389d ago

They cast the young Agent K well, but I still want to see plenty of Tommy Lee Jones. I hope he isn't sidelined.