Which British Shows Should Get Americanized Next?

Chances are you’ve seen The Office, or have sat watching American Idol, wondering why people even show up for auditions. Or, maybe you just happen to be an avid Top Gear fan. In any way, these, and many other shows wouldn’t have made it to your screen without their original British versions. The stream of British import knows its flops (most recently, we deserve a medal for getting through the Free Agents pilot) and sometimes the British version does quite well on its own (Downton Abbey broke records last month on PBS).

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alycakes2602d ago

Well, so far Being Human has worked and The Office has worked but so many haven't.

One of the best British comedies 'Coupling' was tried and it was cancelled within a few weeks it was so bad...I knew it didn't have a chance. Then there was Life on Mars and it didn't work either. There's been a few more to but I don't remember.

I think they should just leave it alone because British humor and even drama is just different and I love it the way it can't translate the accent and sometimes it just comes down to the who and where that makes the difference.