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Rules 'The Dark Knight Rises' Needs To Follow

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We stand a little over four months away from the conclusion of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises." The pressure on Nolan to deliver in an incredible experience compounds with "Rises" because, not only is he making a film about one of the most iconic heroes of all time, but he's following up one of the most successful movies ever.

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Crazay3183d ago

I totally agree that the movie needs to stay with the dark tone but I'm fairly certain given Nolan's previous bodies of work, that won't be an issue. As for the Enemies, I suspect whoever that other villain is, the reveal won't be any shock to anyone.

Soldierone3183d ago

I think it will be dark. I mean it's clear WB is going to "reboot" it after this film to make Batman fit into the Justice League, unless of course more heroe's fail like Green Lantern. With that "Reboot" is when they can change the tone.

Crazay3183d ago

I really don't want them to make a Justice League movie. I don;t know why but I don't have any desire to see all those guys in one movie.

Soldierone3183d ago

I'm a big justice league fan, however Im more looking forward to a Superman/ Batman know the movie WB hints at ALL the time and never makes lol

Crazay3183d ago

I could easily get behind a Superman/Batman team up but I have 0 interest in the rest of the team.

Soldierone3183d ago

I think everything but the last rule is easily doable by Nolan. I noticed it too, he needs to focus on Batman. I never understood why Hollywood has a different perception of heroe's than every one else. Rami said "Its best to have Spidey's mask off as much as possible" yet we don't want that....When did he ever take his mask off? People are crying to have him keep it on in the new one, and personally I don't want to see him take it off every chance he gets...

Same goes here. Keep Batman's mask on, let us connect with Batman and not Bruce Wayne.

WitWolfy3183d ago

That reminds me of the abortion that was Spider-man 3, when Peter Parker thought he was some kind of emo blues musician I lost all respect for the movie. I dont want wanna see a loser trying to impress a red headed twerp.. I want to see his alter ego.

Soldierone3182d ago

Yeah and he ALWAYS took the mask off, but then the next scene will be about how he needs to protect his identity....its like he couldn't breath in it or something.

Venom didn't even need to attatch to him, just walk by him and wait for him to take his mask off haha

eak33182d ago

Did I travel to some alternate reality where no one knows that Bane is the villian in Rises??? Did the author write this article like 2 years ago and just get it published?? The "multiple enemies" in Rises haven't been a secret for some time now.

aDDicteD3180d ago

good article, the daRk knight will be hard to follow up since it is recognized now as the measuring stick to the superhero genre, i have high hopes that christopher nolan can make a better if not at least the same with dark knight rises, it has also been said by some cast such as gary oldman and micheal cane that based on the script they read, this movie will be spectacular.