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Drew Goddard Talks 'Cloverfield 2' And 'Robopocalypse'

Bloody Disgusting says

With the release of The Cabin In The Woods looming next month, I met up with Drew Goddard (the film's director and co-writer) in Hollywood this afternoon for a lengthy chat.

While 95% of our conversation naturally centered around Cabin, we briefly touched on the status Cloverfield 2 and his screenplay for Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse. For those who need a refresher on the latter, it's based on the book by Daniel H. Wilson which explores the fate of the human race following a robot uprising.

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Soldierone3389d ago

I want/ wanted a Cloverfield 2 extremely bad. The marketing created a whole new experience for me, and the handheld way was awesome.

However Hollywood saw it and is now milking the idea to hell. We have handheld this, handheld that, and a lot of them are not good. I think Cloverfield 2 shouldn't get caught up in this crowd, instead let it die and do it at the end of the trend.

Otherwise it won't be special