Joss Whedon On The Hulk In The Avengers
There’s a major feature on Avengers Assemble in issue 220 of SFX (on sale Wednesday 7 March) and part of that is an exclusive interview with director Joss Whedon. In this little preview snippet he talks about his approach to the Hulk in the movie, plus he reveals one comic Avenger he’d never cast in a movie.

This is Marvel’s third shot at bringing the Hulk to the big screen. What did you need to get right?

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alycakes2604d ago

I think this will be the best Hulk yet. The trailers alone have convinced me of that and Mark Ruffalo does seem to fit the part very well. I'm looking forward to see them all together and see how it all turns out after all the work they've all put into it.

ShadowPraxis2602d ago

Awww, hating on Wonder Man? Really Joss? :(