'Chronicle's' Josh Trank Looks To Spit Some Venom

LA Times;
With Sony’s “The Amazing Spider-Man” looking to kick-start a Spidey resurgence this summer, the studio is taking a crack at another character associated with the superhero: Venom.

The studio is negotiating with Josh Trank, the hot director of this winter’s found-footage hit "Chronicle," to take the reins of the Spidey spin-off, said a person familiar with the project who was not authorized to talk about it publicly. Sony was not immediately available for comment.

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alycakes3386d ago

I heard a lot about Venom but a movie about that I'm not sure is needed or would stand on it's own. I may be wrong though...have been before.

darklordzor3386d ago

Freaking awesome! In all honesty I had forgotten about this movie until now. It's been a while since we've heard anything on it.

alycakes3385d ago

I thought someone had said something before but I couldn't remember. They talk about so many comic book figures that it's hard to keep up.

Soldierone3385d ago

Nooooo! I hated that movie with a passion. I guess if its only the director it might be okay because his camera techniques were awesome. Beyond that? Please don't keep the writers, they will absolutely ruin Venom....and if they make Chronicles main character Venom I will personally fly down to their studio to punch them in the face.

DarkBlood3385d ago

so is this a marvel movie? how will they go about this does venom even have any enemies beside spiderman?

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what i just said sums up my confusion on this whole thing

Soldierone3385d ago

No it is still Sony doing it as they still have rights to it. They gave up their cartoon rights to keep these.

As for the movie, yes he has his only story and his own line of comics. Wiki has a little bit of details on it.

DarkBlood3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

well now im interested since venom is my favourite villian in the spiderman universe

but is chronicles a comic that they are turning into a movie? i better read that link lol z


nvm lol i feel like an idiot now

alycakes3385d ago

I don't really care if they make one or not. I just want them to make good movies and not go overboard with just coming up with stuff out of the blue. I want good stories that will entertain.

Soldierone3385d ago

It might be a while before Hollywood starts doing that again. Right now its "look at how cool our visuals are!!!! Time for a reboot!"

Us" The first one isn't even out yet?!"

them" So! Origin stories are easy to make!"


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