Forest Whitaker Will Be 'The Butler' For Lee Daniels

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Cropping up with all kinds of heat and big names being thrown around a couple of weeks ago, and then going quiet again, it looks as if Lee Daniels' "The Butler" is pushing ahead, and the cast is getting more intriguing with each passing day.

While it was widely expected the previously reported David Oyelowo would be taking the title role, Variety reports that instead it's Forest Whitaker who will be taking the part of Eugene Allen, a servant who worked in the White House for 34 years under eight presidents, and watched the political changes that allowed segregation to come to an end. But don't worry, Oyelowo is still onboard, only he'll be playing Allen's son which leads us to guess this story could be told in flashback of some kind. Meanwhile, remember when Orpah Winfrey was kicking around as a co-star? Well, her name is still in the ring to play Allen's wife.

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alycakes3396d ago

This sounds interesting but not something that I would run to the theater to go see. I would wait to see it on tv.