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FX Orders Fourth Season of 'Justified'

The Collider:
While Fox may have gotten rid of Terra Nova to the chagrin of some sci-fi fans, the crime thriller fans should be pleased with the media giant as their cable channel FX has just renewed Justified for a fourth season. Six new episodes remain in the currently airing third season with the finale coming on April 10th, but the network already knows that it wants more of Timothy Olyphant as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens.

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alycakes3391d ago

They have made this person a very happy lady. I love this show, I love the actors in it, and I love the whole idea that they came up with when someone thought to put this show together.

It would seem to some people that it might be boring but it just surprises me every week. It's better than any show FX has ever put on the air...past or present.

Soldierone3390d ago

The only thing I don't like about these cable shows is the fact they all walk on tight ropes. This show is great, it has lots of viewers, but it takes so long to get another season FOR SURE. Same goes for Walking Dead, the ratings were beating every other show on AMC but it wasn't until record return that they scheduled a 3rd season.

It's like anything below awesome will mean it will go somewhere else?

alycakes3390d ago

I don't think we have to worry about Justified since they already approved the 4th season. I really do love this show. I am upset with AMC though because they had a show last year called Rubicon that was just awesome and they cancelled it after one season and left us hanging with a really suspenseful was a good show and I don't know why they didn't renew it....may it didn't get as good a ratings but it was good.

Soldierone3390d ago

thats what I'm talking about. These channels will "cancel" or not renew things without notice. It's like you can't really like the show until its a season or 2 in and the network likes it FOR SURE.

Otherwise it could be a great show with decent ratings and then bam its gone.

The true thing I don't understand is when they hype up a show so much, and even though people don't like it, it sticks around. That train show that followed the walking dead on AMC is a good example.

NovusTerminus3389d ago

Look at Breaking Bad. The final season is split up, eight episodes are to air this year, and the final 8 begin production in Winter of 2013...

It really is annoying how this happens.

xVeZx3389d ago

sometimes ill wait to see if a show gets renewed before i watch it because i dont want to get into a show only for it to get canceled...its a lose lose situation though....i dont watch the show, they lose a viewer, ratings go down, canceled....

Soldierone3389d ago

That's the basis of my whole complaint.

I think if shows gear towards the fact that "hey we might be canceled after one season" then they might at least conclude things, so people wouldn't be afraid to watch it. If it gets good viewers then I think networks should be signing for multiple year deals, that way the viewers don't suffer.

IF the show fails during those years, option it to other networks.

xVeZx3389d ago

i hope they bring back wilfred..

StarWarsFan3388d ago

I can't believe this is on its fourth season already. Time flies.