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New Trailer For The Cabin in the Woods

Today in horror news a brand new trailer for The Cabin in the Woods was released. The Cabin in the Woods will be in theaters Friday April 13, 2012.

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Best-Horror-Movies3390d ago

I really hope this film is good, there has been a lot of hype around the movie, let's hope it lives up to it's promises.

alycakes3390d ago

Have you noticed in the trailer that this isn't your typical teens in a cabin getting killed movie. This is more like some kind of high tech organized experiment or at least it looks like that to me...very strange trailer so now I want to see it because it brought up a few questions.

barb_wire3389d ago

I was on another site (AICN, I think) where someone commented what the movie was about (without using a spoiler tag). If what they said was true - pretty cool and in no way diminishes my urge to see the movie.

aDDicteD3387d ago

the trailer looks cool and i agree that the concept is unique than the teen slasher movies that are done nowadays.