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IGN - Alcatraz: "Sonny Burnett" Review

IGN - The second episode of tonight's two-hour block was a little more procedural but still better than what we've been offered the last few weeks. Sonny Burnett is another twisted individual from Alcatraz on the loose in present day San Francisco and it's up to Madsen, Soto and Hauser to stop him. While the villain is menacing, the real interesting moments can be found in the scenes between the hunt for Burnett. We learn a little more about the 63s that could be the key to unlocking who and what they are.

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alycakes3390d ago

I've got to backtrack....I missed this one...or rather I missed the whole 2 hour one that was on. I completely forgot. It ususally comes on Saturday nights so I'm going to look for it...then if it doesn't, I'll find it on the web and watch it that way.