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Johnny Depp a Man With Horror in His Bones

Hollywood is cluttered with highly talented, versatile thespians. Few however, rival the scope of Johnny Depp’s talent. Depp is a fearless performer who embraces challenge, and refuses to dedicate his efforts to a single genre, which makes stereotyping a virtual impossibility. Be it comedy, action, family, period pieces, dramatic efforts, or horror movies; Depp is a chameleon in this business, and his often quirky project selections have left him not only unpredictable, but highly entertaining.

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Best-Horror-Movies3390d ago

I'm really looking forward to Dark Shadows, a couple of additional films that are horror related for Johnny Depp are Nightmare on Elm Street part 6 cameo, and a staring role in the upcoming Night Stalker re-do.

alycakes3390d ago

Night Stalker is the one that I'm really wanting to see...I think he's perfect for that role. I loved that show. I want to see Dark Shadows too and just about anything Depp does but there are those few things that he was just meant to do.

StarWarsFan3389d ago (Edited 3389d ago )

Where's the trailer for this movie? We want a trailer! We want a trailer!