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Playlist Review: 'Silent House': Thrills Inside Some Rigid Technical Restraints

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"Silent House" has a nifty hook – it's being billed as a "real time" (probably not) horror movie filled in a single, unified shot (again: there are eight separate shots, but that's still pretty impressive). In a way it's a stylish extension of the current found footage craze, as we're locked into a single character (played, with believable intensity, by Elizabeth Olsen) as she scurries around a dilapidated lake house, but it also allows for far more flowery filmmaking (particularly in the film's freaky final act). What makes "Silent House" such an exceptional little genre treat is that, locked into a very rigid technical framework, filmmakers Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, have gone out of their way to make a genuinely scary, occasionally surreal, intensely imaginative thriller. What could have simply been an exercise ends up being truly engaging.

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