‘Terra Nova’ Cancelled By Fox: Chernin Series Will Be Shopped To Other Networks

Deadline - There will be no second season of pre-historic drama Terra Nova on Fox. The network’s brass just made the decision after weeks of exploring potential Season 2 tweaks to the series set 85 million years in the past. Fox had to make the decision early so the show could make a fall return if renewed. Despite its pedigree, produced by Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin, Terra Nova did not become a runaway hit, but its decent ratings, coupled with strong international sales for sibling 20th Century Fox TV, which produces the series, were keeping renewal hopes alive. 20th TV now plans to shop Terra Nova, starring Jason O’Mara and Stephen Lang, to other networks. At TCA in January, Fox’s entertainment president Kevin Reilly was non-committal when asked about the future of Terra Nova. “If this is all we make (of Terra Nova), we made money on it, the studio made money on it, and it seems to have resonated with the family audience,” he said. “There is a show, which if we are to bring back, there’s an audience there. But creatively, the show was hunting (for its identity). If we had more holes in our network, we’d be thrilled to lock that right in.” With House ending its run and Terra Nova gone, Fox has 2 more dramas on the bubble, both with slim chances of renewal, midseason entries Alcatraz and The Finder. The new Kiefer Sutherland series Touch premieres later this month.

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alycakes2604d ago

Even though it was a good show it was a very expensive show to produce. I think it might still stay alive on another network that wants to take the chance and expense that it would take.

Soldierone2604d ago

I think their are other circumstances behind it too. I mean if it was simply money, then why not just move it to FX where that style show is more acceptable?

Soldierone2604d ago

I gave the show a chance and it was boring and in many cases comical because of the flaws. I think maybe AMC should pick it up :P Give it to the current Walking Dead crew, bring back Darabont and the first Walking Dead season to make season 3 of the Walking Dead :D

That way the drama (safe house/ farm) can be done on Terra Nova where they won't see a dinosaur for 8 episodes, or just one dinosaur here and there.

Joking aside this show COULD be really good, it just needs the right people behind it. i think the whole "film" style the walking dead has would be good for this show too.

It is Fox and they never give any show a chance. If they spend too much money or it doesn't get American Idol style ratings you are pretty much screwed. Thats why im afraid of New Girl being on that channel, love that show.

alycakes2604d ago

Yeah...just about every show I loved got cancelled there. Like I said it was a good show...not great. If I missed an episode it didn't upset me much like when I miss an episode of Justified or something like that.

It might have a better chance on AMC or even on Showtime or HBO.

Soldierone2604d ago

I think HBO would be good.

I like AMC and the direction they are going, I just don't like how they sky rocketed to the top and don't know how to handle themselves. They don't know that they have the best in the business right now and making those people mad will send you right back down a hole.

If they got this show that would probably lead to more budget cuts in their other shows, and lets face it they do that to The Walking Dead again we either will never see a zombie,or they will be people in cheesy halloween masks lol

StarWarsFan2603d ago

I liked this show. I hope it gets picked up elsewhere.

Blink_442603d ago

I'm glad I only watched one episode