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Dwayne Johnson to Star in Action Thriller 'Ciudad'

The Collider:
Earlier today, it was confirmed that franchise rejuvenator Dwayne Johnson will be taking on the title role in Brett Ratner’s iteration of Hercules. Now Johnson is poised to star in another movie with an action bent: Ciudad. The film is based on the upcoming graphic novel co-written by Joe and Anthony Russo and Ande Parks that centers on a black market mercenary who is hired by a Brazilian drug lord to rescue his kidnapped daughter. The title refers to the dangerous city in which the film takes place, as “ciudad” is Spanish for “city.” While this may sound like your average actioner, Ciudad is interesting in that Joe and Anthony Russo will be directing the project. The brothers have quite a bit of experience in Hollywood with comedies like You, Me and Dupree and a lot of television work, but this is their first foray into the action genre. Hit the jump for more.

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alycakes3392d ago

He just signed on for Hercules too and he's got Fast 5 and 6 in the future also and heaven knows what else...why do they do that? Are they afraid that they will loose their popularity or something to a younger actor.

Soldierone3391d ago

Films commonly only take a few months to finish. You have to think Fast Whatever (5 and 6) is actually just one movie split up into two for the sake of making money. So he really only has like 3 films right now.

i bet it has to do with age, and popularity. He just came off of Fast Five, has a big popularity right now,so everyone wants him. might as well put some contracts under the belt while you can.

Soldierone3391d ago

Doesn't this sound like the opposite end of Columbiana? Not only that this whole scenerio has been done a million times, I hope it has an interesting twist like Columbiana did.

alycakes3391d ago

I guess you're right...better strike while the he's hot. I'm not sure about the movie at all and I never saw Columbiana so can't say. Did you like that movie? Was it good enough to buy or just watch on tv?

Soldierone3391d ago

I liked it, it was extremely well done. There were some perks that I didn't like, but it was overall enjoyable with a good twist etc...

I wouldn't "buy" it though, we just rented it. I personally just don't buy a lot of movies since I don't watch them all the time.

StarWarsFan3391d ago

Dwayne Johnson is a busy man in Hollywood.

aDDicteD3390d ago

movie looks very interesting