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Taylor Kitsch Talks Returning for 'Friday Night Lights' Movie; Says “I Love the Way I Left it”

The Collider:
Friday Night Lights is unquestionably one of the best television shows to grace the screen in at least the last decade, maybe even ever. The storytelling and character development was on a completely different level and the actors brought it every single week. Fans of the show are rightfully passionate, and so when news came that executive producer/director/creator Peter Berg was plotting a feature film that would continue the story of the characters after the series finale, interest was certainly piqued. Berg recently revealed that executive producer/showrunner Jason Katims is about done with the script and the story is said to revolve around Kyle Chandler’s Coach Taylor.

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alycakes3393d ago

Would you believe that I didn't know that Taylor came from that show Friday Night Lights....I never watched it. I just know that when I first saw him in a movie I liked him and knew he would start going up fast in the movie world.