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And the Oscar Goes to.. Harvey Weinstein

Will Chadwick of We Got This Covered wrote, "With the announcement of the Oscar winners last week, awards season brings itself to an anti-climax, the big story being that the hotly tipped and very brilliant near-silent film The Artist came away with the big prizes. Some first time winners, including The Artist‘s Michel Hazanavicius and Jean Dujardin, will now be able to advertise their films as “from Academy Award winner” or “starring Academy Award nominee,” it also allows for Hollywood’s glitz and glamour to parade in front of cameras and salute the world’s most important art form and applaud the winners."

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TheHip143289d ago

No wonder everyone's afraid of him

Soldierone3289d ago

I'm just curious. Who here watched or is interest in The Artist? If you are do you go to film school or create your own films, or are you a big movie buff?

It's an honest question, it isn't to bash the film at all.