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Dwayne Johnson Confirmed to Star in Brett Ratner’s 'Hercules'

The Collider:
A couple weeks ago, we reported that Dwayne Johnson was in talks to star in Brett Ratner‘s Hercules. The film is an adaptation of Steve Moore’s graphic novel Hercules: The Thracian Wars, and is a dark take on the popular Grecian character. In the comic, Hercules is “a mercenary who turned his back on the gods following the loss of his family, ‘finding solace only in battle.’” If you combine this film with Tarsem Singh‘s Immortals, we can get pretty close to a God of War movie.

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alycakes3395d ago

I hope he's a better Hercules than he was Scorpion King..that movie was okay but he still didn't have his acting chops down...

Soldierone3394d ago

When you say Hercules i think of the Disney cartoon lol...However I know this is going to be yet another "look at all the cool visual effects" and when I see it i will just be waiting for Kratos to come out and kick his arse lol

NovusTerminus3393d ago

Odd, when he said Hercules the first thing in my mind was Kevin Sorbo... lol

alycakes3394d ago

I haven't seen a Hercules show or movie in age. I never watched the one on tv so it has been a long time.

Soldierone3394d ago

The one that came out around the time of Xena right? that one was goofy too, thats why I'm having such a hard time picturing this movie haha, especially since Dwayne isn't that great with comedy, but is awesome at being a badass.

alycakes3394d ago

That's right. He is aweful at trying to do funny stuff and acting with kids too. He is good when he does action and drama though...I do agree with that. I liked him in the Fast Five and I really didn't think I was going to.

tarbis3393d ago

Interesting. I hope this is better than his Scorpion King.

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