Should Commissioner Gordon Die In The Dark Knight Rises?

What Culture - The Dark Knight Rises is shrouded in mystery. Is Bane capable of being a better villain than the now iconic Heath Ledger portrayal of The Joker? What role can Catwoman play that will not feel like just another forced love interest or petty criminal or rehash of Michelle Pfeiffer? Is Occupy Wall Street really part of the Nolan Bat-finale?

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alycakes2603d ago

I don't Gordon will die at all....the rest of the issues really don't matter. Whatever they do to make the movie more interesting and more mysterious is great.

aDDicteD2602d ago

i do not think gordon will die, if you observe both batman begins and dark knight, both endings include a dialogue between batman and gordon, i think the ending of this film might be similar. although i think it is possible that one of batman's allies might die.. i think it might be alfred..but its just a gut feeling.