The 50 Most Hated Movies Ever Made

Total Film compiles a list of their 50 most hated movies ever made.

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Soldierone2605d ago

There are some on here that I don't agree with, but you have to admit a lot of them are right. I mean even if you like them you have to admit some of these films got hate for no reason.

MySwordIsHeavenly2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

I have an entire essay titled "In Defense Of The Happening".

I seriously never understood why everyone hated that film.

They tell you at THE BEGINNING that uncertainty is what the movie is about. Yes, the plants are responsible. It was based on an actual occurrence in France in the 80's. So, call it "fake" and "lame" all you want. It actually happened!

That and John Leguizamo giving a totally underrated performance made me love it! People find comfort in numbers... He's right! For the love of Martin Sheen, HE'S RIGHT! People will mock M. Night for the littlest thing and yet, Michael Bay is still allowed to make movies? Screw critics.

The Last Airbender doesn't exist. Seriously. It's fake. :,(

Dang it, M. Night! I was your ONE FAN LEFT!!!

Blink_442605d ago

The only thing I hate about the happening is mark walhburgs performance other than that I though it was decent.

MorningStar2604d ago (Edited 2604d ago )

The film was boring and agreed Mark's acting was horrid.

I don't agree with resident evil, terminator, van helsing, crash, Pearl Harbour, Love actually and come on Forrest gump? This was a stupid list. Absolutely pathetic list.

Deadpool6162604d ago

I would like to read the essay if possible MySwordIsHeavenly. The Happening reminded me of those old black in white horror movies, but in a modern form. I got the same reaction from The Wickerman.

aDDicteD2600d ago

i dont agree with this list, there are some good movies here and i also disagree with the rankings.