Once Upon a Time: "Dreamy" IGN Review

Did you know dwarfs hatch from eggs? They do! They emerge full-sized and ready to go into the mines. Yeah. And silly as that is, it's also the most original part of the episode. Sadly, it happens in the first five minutes and we take a mine ride into predictability from there. We watch the birth of Dreamy the dwarf; he hatched early because of wayward fairy dust sprinkled by the bumbling Nova (played by Angel's Amy Acker). Then he falls in love.

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alycakes2603d ago

It may not have been one of the best episodes but I liked it. I was a little sad and just introduced the dwarfs to us in the story so I'm sticking with it.

Blink_442603d ago

This show has been bad last few episodes, I'm getting kind of sick of it

alycakes2603d ago

Yeah,..I just want it to come to a head and for them to find out what is happening but if that happens I guess that would mean the end of the show.

Blink_442603d ago (Edited 2603d ago )

It so annoying how they say it takes place in maine...i live in maine, there are no buildings that look like the ones in the show lol.

it will be interesting when more people find out what they really are

alycakes2602d ago

I guess since it's suppose to be a fairy tale...they figure it can look like anything...I hear Maine is very nice but doesn't it get very cold there?

Blink_442602d ago

This winter hasn't been as bad as others it's been like 15-30 degrees the past few days, the other day it was 45 and I was out in shorts and short sleeve shirt, it was so warm! Lol