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The Walking Dead Judge, Jury, Executioner Review: Best Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies says:

AMC’s The Walking Dead is off and running this week, as ‘Judge, Jury, Executioner’ gets underway with Daryl beating the piss out of the youngster they brought back to camp last week. The general consensus is that the boy poses a threat. As viewers we learn that he’s been traveling with a large troupe that happen to be fully equipped with some heavy artillery, and it’s got just about everyone on edge; Shane’s prepared to execute the kid, and surprisingly Rick seems to be of the same opinion.

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alycakes3391d ago

That was so sad the way it ended.

aDDicteD3391d ago

yup, i didn't see that one coming and it is one of the highlights this season

alycakes3391d ago

I think we have one more from the group that will be going bye, bye before the season ends.