Incredible Animation Test For Hulk Vs Superman

CBM says

A CGI animation test for an epic showdown between Marvel and DC's two strongest heroes. Can Supes keep the Green Goliath down for good?

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Crazay2606d ago

I think this guy did a really good job. I posted it here because it's kind of like an indie VOD movie.

aDDicteD2606d ago

he definitely made a good job on that fight, nice find

DarkBlood2606d ago

you should submit the continuation whenever it comes eh?

Crazay2605d ago

I'll do what I can. If i happen across it, i'll for sure post it.

DarkBlood2605d ago

the part 2 after this video is pretty good too in case anyone else reading this is watching it the link is near the end of the video

Soldierone2606d ago

good video, but personally think there is no fight. Supes isn't all strength, he is smart too. Bruce Banner is smart, but he isn't Hulk unless he is mad, thus isn't using his head.

Superman is also fast, can fly, and has other powers. only way Hulk wins is if he somehow gets a lucky grab on Supes, or steals some Kryptonite.

DarkBlood2606d ago

ahhh christopher reeve nice to see his face again, it just seems fitting seeing him as superman

aDDicteD2605d ago

yup, he is the most fitting superman ever

aDDicteD2604d ago

hope that part 3 arrive soon