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New The Walking Dead Episode 212 "Better Angels" Sneak Peek And Promo

CBM says

Rick and the survivors are gearing up for something big after saying final goodbyes to [Spoiler]. Find out what the group is making preparations for in this sneak peak from episode 212.

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Crazay3392d ago

Well....I recorded last nights episode and some dick friend of mine posted something big that happened in last nights episode. I am NOT amused.

JL3392d ago

Yea, it was a big moment of sorts. Caught me off guard. I thought the episode on the whole was real good.

Crazay3392d ago

I think I'm going to punch my friend right in the pills when i see him next.

Soldierone3392d ago

OmG! they are actually leaving the farm? miracles do

Also i think i spotted something. In one shot isnt that Shane walking in the background? In the same shot he isn't standing by the truck if im not mistaken.

aDDicteD3391d ago

cant wait, it's getting better and better each episodes and i hope this one live-up as well